Took a visit to the Cincinnati Zoo! Boy was that a load of fun! I was worried and excited at the same time! Also amazed that it seemed to be a pretty even ratio of scared children and thrilled children. 

These photos get most of the happy ones. 

And let me tell you, Fursuiters; It’s all in the acting. Even the slightest change in your body language translates a whole different look. 

My costume, to be quite frank, is a little on the frightening side. Yet in the right instances, she seems to emote smiles.

Also, let me take this moment to point out the second photo. You may notice boots under all the fur. My “feet” are built over a “sock” so that I can slip it over my boots, and not have to worry about anything wearing down or breaking on the bottom of my feet, plus the added comfort of boots that I’ve worn for many years and am already comfortable walking in. Next time I plan on making an entire “slipper” for my boots. Feet that have rubber soles, with a zipper in the back for  my boot to slide inside and then be concealed. No, my boots are not stuck in the fur, it’s a simple sock that easily comes on and off. They stay in place with a piece of elastic that hooks under the bridge of the shoe. These are my favorite type of foot. 

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